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Applying the Building Code

Product Code/ISBN: 9781118920756

There are many books that go through the International Building Code in sequential order. Sometimes that is very helpful and exactly what you need, but if you are looking for something a little different check out Applying the Building Code: Step-by-Step Guidance for Design and Building Professionals. This manual covers the information you need as you encounter it in the design process. No more flipping pages and trying to find that one section, this book helps you from the start of the design process until the end.

Table of Contents


About this Book

How to Use This Book



Example Project


Part I

  1. Code Basics

Part II Schematic Design

Step 1 - Code Basics

Step 2 – Obtain Essential Building Data

Step 3 – Determine Occupancy Group or Groups

Step 4 – Determine Construction Type based on Anticipated Materials

Step 5 – Determine Howmixed Uses and Occupancies Will be Handled

Step 6 – Determine Special Use and Occupancy if Applicable

Step 7 – Determine Allowable Area and Height

Step 8 – Calculate Occupant Load

Step 9 – Establish Points of Egress

Step 10 – Check Egress Pathways

Step 11 – Determine Fixture Counts

Step 12 – Identify Fire Department Access Roads

Step 13 – Identify Accessible Routes and Requirements

Part III Design Development

Step 14 – Confirm Steps 2 Through 13

Step 15 – Identify Locations of Fire-Resistive Construction, Assemblies, and Openings

Step 16 – Develop Exteriorwall and Exposed Floor Assemblies

Step 17 – Develop Roof Assemblies

Step 18 – Select Finishes

Step 19 – Check Egress Widths

Step 20 – Check Accessibility Requirements

Step 21 – Integrate Special Requirements

            Part IV Construction Documents

Step 22 – Confirm Steps 14 Through 21

Step 23 – Integrate Egress Details

Step 24 – Identify Locations of Safety Glazing

Step 25 – Detail Firestopping, Fire-Resistant Joints, and Fireproofing

Step 26 – Locate Portable Fire Extinguishers and Cabinets

Step 27 – Detail Construction Based on Specific Building Materials and Equipment

Part 28 – Prepare Code Information For Construction Documents

            Part V Existing Buildings

            Part VI Code Enforcement