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APWA Red Book on Qualifications-Based Selection for Public Agencies

Product Code/ISBN: 9780917084607A

APWA's "Red Book" has been revised and expanded! A discussion of qualifications based selection, this book leads readers to the conclusion that it's qualifications -- not price, that should drive the most important decisions of public agencies.

Contrary to initial reactions, bidding for professional design services often compromises the architecture, engineering, or surveying needed for the project. Unlike selecting a professional simply on the basis of cost, using a qualifications based selection (QBS) system for professional services, may help you find the right professional while allowing you to negotiate a level of service and cost appropriate to the project and budget.

This book shows how to conduct an interview, evaluate candidates, formulate the contract and how to manage it. With updated information on recent trends in consultant selection and use practices, design-build information and financing regulations, this book is a MUST for every public works director and consultant.