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2024 Architect's Square Foot Costbook

Product Code/ISBN: 9781588552822

New Plus+Version with Database and Interactive Cost Models Now Available!

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Print Plus+ - $195.95 printed book Plus PDF eBook and Excel database.
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The new optional Plus+ Version includes a fully bookmarked pdf eBook, along with an Excel database file featuring interactive square foot cost models as well as detailed unit costs you can use to search/copy/paste the data from the book!

Order the Plus+ Version and download the eBook and Excel database immediately

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This is the square-foot estimating guide created specifically for architects.

The 2024 Architect's Square Foot Costbook puts right at your fingertips accurate square-foot costs - broken down by CSI division - for an incredible variety of actual building projects. This year's edition focuses on today's most robust growth markets: Public Construction, Educational and Industrial.

Although inflation seems to be brought under control, material prices have gone haywire!  Since last year, aluminum is down 30%.  Plywood is down a whopping 24%! But concrete is up 13% and glass is up 8%.

It's essential, therefore, that your estimates are based on the most up-to-date and thoroughly researched data available.  And that's just what you'll find in the 2024 Architect's Square Foot Costbook.

The data in this book is based on the highly regarded BNi Building News cost database. And the research staff at BNi has gone the extra mile this year to make sure that every cost item in this book is accurate.

For over 75 years BNi has been a trusted source of accurate pricing data. 

The cost models in the 2024 edition include a wide variety of residential housing types, including mixed-use, retirement facilities, and remodeling projects, plus schools, medical facilities, civic and recreational projects, fire and police stations plus several commercial projects (including full cost details on an airport expansion).  And with the new Plus+ Version, you can easily recalculate the square-foot costs based on the project size or over 600 metro areas throughout the country!

This invaluable estimating tool features:

  • Detailed square foot costs for each project -- all broken down by CSI Division and supported by a detailed narrative.

  • A newly-expanded section of over 600 regional cost modifiers -- so you can quickly and accurately adjust all costs to your local area.

  • Material and installation costs for over 6,000 items used in construction, all expertly updated to reflect the latest pricing data available, as well as the most recent prevailing wage rate data from the US Department of Labor.

The challenge of staying profitable in the face of wildly fluctuating costs will be with us for some time to come. The Architect's Square Foot Costbook can help you meet this challenge.