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Avoiding the Financial Death Penalty

Product Code/ISBN: 77NBLS

Avoiding the Financial Death Penalty covers the legal issues of having a license and what to do if you lose your license or experience a gap in license coverage. The course is presented by Marion Hack Esq. who has extensive experience in the field of contractor licensing and breaks down the law in a straightforward and clear way so that you can know how to protect your business.

The course covers:

  • Laws pertaining to contractors
  • Penalties for violations of the license law
  • The Contractor Death Penalty: What it is and how to avoid it
  • License classes and public works
  • Transfer of a license
  • Short quiz to review the materials

For only $99.95 you will get to review the information presented by Marion as if you were sitting in her office talking about the license law and how it can impact your business. Since we all know that attorneys, and especially top notch ones like Marion, can cost several hundred dollars PER HOUR this is a fantastic way to update your business.

Protect your business without breaking the bank! Order your copy of Avoiding the Financial Death Penalty now!