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BNi National Construction Law Manual, Fourth Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 1557013926

Everyone knows that Ignorance of the Law is no excuse. With this fabulous new book from BNi you'll never have to guess again. Imagine, all those years of Mr. Acret's experience in one handy volume.

"Acret's National Construction Law Manual had long been on Jim's mind while lecturing to many professional organizations and university students. But a national volume would be a difficult undertaking, it would have to address the needs of all professionals and students coast-to-coast and serve as a basic primer for all involved in the construction process. Being a part-time educator, Jim has successfully developed this manual for everyone to use and understand and has made this difficult subject clear to all.

The National Construction Law Manual is a great resource for professionals who work in the construction environment. The reader can easily gain a very thorough understanding of the legal issues facing the industry, use it to fill in some gaps in his or her knowledge of the subject, or use the manual to refresh previously acquired skills. It takes you through basic contract law, torts, liens, dispute resolution, and the most commonly used contract forms.

For the twenty years I have known Jim, he has never ceased to amaze me with his quick insight, gentle wit, commitment to fairness, plain English, and his unquenchable desire to learn. I know the readers of this book will enjoy the logical flow of the chapters, the clear prose, the relevant examples, and the decades of wisdom bound within this volume."

-- Review by Mark Benjamin, President of Morley Construction Company and a California based general contractor