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Building Pathology

Product Code/ISBN: 471331724

How would you define pathology? Everyone might have a bit different of a pathology definition, but pathology is the science of diseases. The definition explains the title of this must-have manual, Building Pathology: Deterioration, Diagnostics, and Intervention. This guide will help you identify certain “diseases” that buildings might have and how that might affect your risk assessment of these structures. Structures with diseases can be affected later down the road from things like fire safety, disaster recovery, and many other things. This type of pathology outlines what you need to take into account when studying these structures, and focuses on what you need to do to help these buildings in the future. 

This guide will help you to identify the different deteriorations of the buildings from things like sound and design problems. This is a great source of information for anyone who works in building improvement and building performance. Don’t do any risk analysis of buildings until you have a copy of this essential guide in your hands!

Table of Contents



Mechanisms and Diagnostics

Structural Systems

Vertical Closure Systems

Horizontal Closure Systems

The Active Systems




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