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Communication by Design: Marketing Professional Services

Product Code/ISBN: 967547741

For many construction-based businesses, marketing your services has a lot to do with the way you treat your customers, and how you help them achieve their goals.

Communication by Design: Marketing Professional Services gives you a great set of rules to run your business by:

  • How to handle problems and turn them into opportunities
  • How to treat customers as you would friends
  • How to really listen to their needs
  • How to offer up solutions to their concerns

This isn't a book of inspirational stories, these are "how-to" techniques on treating customers like gold. It's filled with hands-on techniques to help you win over your customers and turn goodwill that into future business.

This unique resource is targeted to business principals, as well as anyone who aspires to a leadership position in a firm, association, or business joint venture. The author draws on examples from her career as public relations consultant to elucidate the fundamentals of strategic, effective communication.