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Construction Estimating, Third Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9780826905628

This unique reference contains 15 chapters covering estimating practices and methods and features content applicable to ledger sheet, electronic spreadsheet, and estimating software use. The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) MasterFormat divisions are referenced where applicable throughout.

Construction Estimating also provides a guide to sources of information on drawings and specifications. The chapters cover construction materials and methods before discussing estimating practices to provide a transition into estimating practices.

Each chapter of Construction Estimating includes several features to enhance learning:

  • The Key Concepts at the beginning of each chapter are designed to focus readers on important estimating concepts presented in that chapter
  • The Key Terms list at the end of each chapter identifies terms that are critical to understanding the topics discussed
  • The Web Links at the end of each chapter identify trade associations and organizations where additional material, labor, or equipment information can be obtained
  • The Review Questions help you remember and retain the chapter content
  • The Activities provide help you prepare estimates using ledger sheets, electronic spreadsheets, or estimating programs and include prints, specifications, and cost data from which estimate information can be derived
  • The Quantity Spreadsheets and Estimate Summary Spreadsheets provided on the Construction Estimating CD-ROM are designed for use with the Activities in each chapter of this unique book

Modify the spreadsheets for your own specific learning needs. The cost data provided for the Activities are used to develop material, labor, and equipment prices. The Sage Timberline Office Estimating Products CD-ROM that comes with the book includes a demonstration release of the Sage Timberline Office Estimating Extended Edition.

Ten sample databases with material, labor, and equipment cost data are provided with the program, including:

  • General contractor
  • Concrete/masonry
  • HVAC
  • Residential homebuilder
  • And more!

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