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Construction Operations Manual of Policies 5th

Product Code/ISBN: 9780071826945

A well-thought-out and detailed policy manual is the backbone of any construction firm. And now you can have such a manual for a fraction of what it would cost to create your own.

This Manual will help you squeeze every last dollar of profit from your firm's private or public construction contracts.

And it doesn't stop there! The Construction Operations Manual of Policies and Procedures will help you hang on to each of those dollars and keep them away from those who would otherwise prefer to have their hands in your pockets. Every aspect of your operation will have the tools it needs to become more profitable.

This Manual includes:

  • Ready-made, full-size forms, including full descriptions and complete instructions.
  • Complete checklists that consolidate every important consideration of the given issue into clear action plans.
  • Word-for-word model letters that communicate clearly and compel desired responses.
  • Detailed guidelines for the presentation and management of the change order process.