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Construction Project Log Book

Product Code/ISBN: 1557014256

Easily comply with project record requirements with the Construction Project Log Book from BNi. Proper documentation is one of the most important aspects of construction project management. In most states you are legally required to keep daily records. This log book includes access to digital interactive forms that make your reporting easy and simple.

This new Construction Project Log Book makes record keeping as simple as possible with:

  • 365 Daily Log Pages
  • Contact Records
  • Project-Specific Note Pages
  • Accident Reports
  • Time & Material Form
  • Safety Review Checklist
  • Time Management Tips
  • Job Startup Checklist
  • Project Closeout Checklist
  • Job Meeting Guidelines
  • Dozens of Material & Conversion Tables

The 365 Daily Work Log pages let you keep a detailed record for each day of the year. Additional forms such as Accident Reports and numerous checklists help make sure that you're covered. Document every shipment, machinery rental, delivery, delay, and weather condition -- all items that can affect productivity.

Don't get caught without a written record ever again. Protect your business and order the Construction Project Log Book now!