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Construction Safety Manual

Product Code/ISBN: 007034454X

Construction work site safety is a very important part of a builder's cost of doing business. It can lower insurance rates and reduce jobsite injuries. Yet, many construction companies lack a construction safety program.

Construction Safety Manual is a complete guide to managing residential and light commercial construction work site safety. It addresses all aspects of why and how contractors must educate themselves and their crews to practice safe construction techniques. It gives tips on eliminating hazards, avoiding the high cost of delays and legal fees, and much more.

Ensure the safety of your staff -- and the security of your business. On-the-job safety isn't optional -- or simple -- any more. This clear, concise, and easy-to-use manual is the only comprehensive guide available to help you develop, install, and maintain an effective safety management system customized to meet your own company's requirements. Its main goal is to help prevent worksite injuries and illnesses on residential and light commercial construction sites, but it will also help avoid needless direct and indirect costs associated with accidents and regulatory infractions.

Construction Safety Manual shows you how to:

  • Reduce employee worksite injuries and illnesses
  • Develop supervisors and crew leaders
  • Prepare and deliver effective safety training
  • Gain employee acceptance and participation
  • Employ behavior-based safety techniques
  • Reduce at-risk behaviors and increase safe ones
  • Achieve continuous safety improvements
  • Deal with record-keeping
  • Exceed regulatory standards
  • Work with (instead of "at odds with") OSHA
  • Reduce Worker's Compensation costs
  • Prepare and deal with emergencies
  • Use your safety program to help promote your business

Equally handy on your desk or at your worksite, Construction Safety Manual gives you the bottom-line answers your need on safety and compliance in residential and light commercial construction. It's a time- and money-saver you'll be glad that you own!