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Contractor's Guide to Change Orders

Product Code/ISBN: 9781557014276

Change Orders are a fact of life. It's human nature for people to change their minds. This book is designed to provide you with valuable guidance and working tools for increasing profits on those changes.

Everything you need for lean, advantageous contract interpretation is in this single-volume workbook. You will be able to uncover all the "hidden" cost items for which you are entitled to receive compensation. What the architect would have previously "clarified", for example, the owner will now process and pay for as a change order.

Each chapter contains step-by-step procedures, checklists, full-sized forms, and word-for-word letters that combine to make up the blueprint for the successful submittal of change orders.

All the information you need to increase your effectiveness in requesting change orders, while at the same time, simplifying your work and boosting your change-order approval rate and recovery. Also shows how to document and negotiate payment for every added delay and expense that slips past your "early warning system".

Make sure you get paid for every change with this book at hand!