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Contractors Guide to Quickbooks by Online Accounting Academy

Product Code/ISBN: 9780999393482

This book is designed to help a contractor, bookkeeper and their accountant set up and use QuickBooks Desktop specifically for the construction industry. No need to reinvent the wheel — this system has been in use with contractors for over 30 years. It works, and is now the national standard. By following the steps outlined in the book, you can set up a good system for job costing and financial reporting.

Contractors Guide to QuickBooks offers the following:

Free QuickBooks Desktop file ready for you to copy to your computer and use; the file includes a customized Chart of Accounts, job costing and financial reporting.

Step-by-step directions on how to enter transactions properly, with a corresponding picture for those who like to read and look at a visual.

What you can expect to learn:

important information about subcontractors, W-9s, and 1099s

how to process payroll, including labor burden to jobs by phase

how to create an estimate so you can get estimate vs. actual job cost reporting

what to do at the end of each month

how to invoice a customer based on a Billing Schedule

how to pull financial reports