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Deck Construction Based on the 2021 International Residential Code

Product Code/ISBN: 4140S21

This second edition of Deck Construction is the most comprehensive publication available for deck code compliance. International Residential Code (IRC) provisions for decks from the 2021 edition are reprinted, including tables and figures, alongside unique discussion, commentary, photos and illustrations to help readers better understand the intent and purpose behind the code provisions. 2018 IRC Provisions have been included where different from 2021.

Decks are niche construction projects, as such, all those involved in deck projects will find it beneficial to learn from this book focused exclusively on decks. Deck contractors, designers, homebuilders, plan reviewers, inspectors, manufacturers and others wanting a deeper understanding of the most current minimum standards of deck construction can now easily access and learn those provisions in an easy-to-follow and well-organized format. This publication also enables building authorities to easily access more specific information about decks and how their prescriptive designs and mandatory minimum requirements can be different from other structures. Being focused on the 2021 edition of the IRC, the latest construction options are made available while still acceptable for previous editions of the IRC by most jurisdictions.

Much more than a basic “how to” guide for deck building, this valuable guide for deck code compliance will benefit those already familiar with deck construction as well as those who may be new to deck construction or administration.


  • Detailed discussion on framing, stairs, handrails, guards, safety glazing requirements, and more
  • 2021 IRC provisions reprinted with tables, figures and insightful commentary
  • 2018 IRC Provisions reprinted where different from 2021 edition
  • Photos and illustrations to explain application