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Effective Leadership Skills for Construction Field Leaders 2nd Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9780826940445
Effective Leadership Skills for Construction Field Leaders is packed with proven advice and case studies explaining how skilled tradesworkers transitioning into leadership roles can use new knowledge and strategies to advance their careers. This user-friendly textbook helps skilled construction workers develop the critical leadership skills that result in the efficient and productive completion of projects on time and within budget.
Online access is provided to interactive jobsite animations that highlight key leadership skills. Activities provide opportunities to demonstrate leadership concepts. Each chapter ends with a detailed case study that features real-world dialogue highlighting the knowledge and skills required to effectively lead a crew.


The Contracting Business
• The Contractor’s View
• The Cost of Doing Business
• The Role of Field Leaders
• Case Study 1

Leadership Qualities
• Professionalism and Respect
• Credibility and Character
• Ethics and Integrity
• Teaching and Learning
• Case Study 2

Effective Communication
• Speaking and Listening Skills
• Observation Skills
• Reading and Writing Skills
• Case Study 3

Planning and Organizing
• The Importance of Planning
• Using a Planning Process
• Planning Challenges
• The Importance of Organization
• Case Study 4

Project Coordination
• Jobsite Safety
• Documentation
• Production Challenges
• The Stress Factor
• Case Study 5

Jobsite Interactions
• Crew Support and Morale
• Disruptive Behaviors and Confl icts
• Case Study 6