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Electric Motor Controls for Integrated Systems, Fifth Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9780826912268

This textbook provides the architecture and content for acquiring the knowledge and skills required in an advanced manufacturing environment. In this fast-changing manufacturing environment, technicians must be competent in various aspects of mechanical, electrical, and fluid power systems for productivity and success.

The textbook also serves as a practical resource for maintenance technicians responsible for production equipment and HVAC equipment. The textbook begins with basic electrical and motor theory, builds on circuit fundamentals, and reinforces comprehension through examples of industrial applications. Special emphasis is placed on the development of troubleshooting skills throughout the text.

Expanded content in this edition includes the following:

  • Electrical safety including NFPA 70E, PPE, arc flash, and arc blast
  • Smart grid systems
  • Energy efficiency applications
  • Electrical test instruments

Each chapter includes checkpoint questions to reinforce key concepts, energy efficiency practices to promote energy efficiency, and Applying Your Knowledge to reinforce key motor control concepts on the DVD!