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Electrical Systems for Outdoor Power Equipment

Product Code/ISBN: 9780826900371

Electrical Systems for Outdoor Power Equipment is designed specifically for technicians and those working in the small engine power industry. It is a comprehensive source for those who want to gain detailed knowledge of the electrical systems specific to equipment powered by small engines, such as wood chippers, generators, and lawn and garden tractors, among others. 


Stay informed about the fundamentals of electrical components, circuits, and systems specific to outdoor power equipment powered by small internal-combustion engines. Electrical systems can be complicated, but this book will guide you through to understanding the specifics.


This must-have reference book also addresses the following: 


Electrical tools

Test equipment

Storage batteries



An introduction to electromechanical components and their common applications

Also included in Electrical Systems for Outdoor Power Equipment are the personal protective equipment and safety measures required when working on electrical equipment associated with outdoor power equipment.