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Estimating Electrical Construction, Revised

Product Code/ISBN: 9781572182530

This book is like taking a class in how to estimate materials and labor for residential and commercial electrical construction. The original version was by an A.S.P.E. Estimator of the Year, using the traditional estimator's tools -- pencil, paper, and calculator.

This brand new edition of Estimating Electrical Construction is revised and updated by the senior estimator of a large electrical contracting firm, and adds automation to the process. Here, an electronic measuring device with PC interface delivers the materials data into estimating software, which uses an up-to-date database of thousands of materials, labor and equipment costs to arrive in minutes at an error-free and reliable cost estimate.

Estimating Electrical Construction teaches you how to do a plan take-off, deal with suppliers, modify labor units to suit, and write the bid summary to prepare an accurate estimate, both manually and electronically. Provides access to the software, plus over 60 free construction estimating forms.