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FE Industrial Engineering Review Manual

Product Code/ISBN: 9781683380153

If you are preparing for the Industrial Engineering FE computer-based exam then the FE Industrial Engineering Review Manual is the manual for you.  Get ready to dive into optimization, queing and simulation, management, production, manufacturing, computers, work facilities, statistics, and economy.  There is also a practice exam available to you which features over 100 problems and will give you the answer to those tough questions through step-by-step solutions.  Do yourself a favor and pick up this essential text to help you prepare for the FE computer based exam.  You will not only save yourself a staggering amount of time, but you will feel more prepared and ready to take the test head on.  Add this title to your study collection as fast as you can.  Order your copy today! All problems contain conventional English and SI units. 


About the publisher:  Brightwood Engineering Education used to function under the name Kaplan Engineering Education.  They are a publishing company that strives to provide students and teachers with materials that will enhance their study time and career goals.  Most of their titles are focused on passing the various engineering exams.  They are staffed with faculty that have an immense amount of professional engineering experience and understand the best methods to teach and help the students to grow and succeed in their careers. 

Brightwood works hand in hand with different engineering groups to help promote awareness to different engineering techniques and professionals.  Most of their work is done with the National Council of Structural Engineers Association (NCSEA).  With their help Brightwood creates live online and on-demand courses for the SE exam.  Although the company has changed names, Brightwood Engineering Education continues to strive and succeed in the same areas as Kaplan Engineering and continues to help students around the world achieve their engineering dreams.