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For Pros By Pros: Siding, Roof, and Trim

Product Code/ISBN: 9781627103862

When it comes to the exterior of a home, the details big and small can make all the difference. This new edition of Siding, Roofing, and Trim, the latest installment in the For Pros by Pros series from the editors of Fine Homebuilding, provides you with all the expert advice and instruction you need to choose, install, and detail these three main aspects of a home's exterior.

Among the many fresh design topics covered in this all-in-one resource, you'll discover how to:

  • Safely replace a roof while keeping in mind venting and flashing for a weather-tight and long-lasting new roof
  • Repaint your home so that the final product will go the distance
  • Choose from material options including stone and vinyl
  • Apply trim details to achieve that finished look
  • Tackle trickier issues like lead safety and installing siding the proper way
  • And much more including 5 roofs that will last a lifetime, 10 tips to paint like a pro, 10 typical roof goofs and how to fix them, plus energy-saving advice

With 350 photographs and 50 illustrations, this indispensable guide continues to be a must-have for pros, semi-pros, and passionate amateurs!