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Heating and Cooling Essentials 5th Ed. - WORKBOOK

Product Code/ISBN: 9781645649137
Heating and Cooling Essentials is ideal for introductory HVACR courses and certificate programs. With a unique and focused approach on applications and skills, this text engages hands-on learners as they begin their HVACR studies. The text emphasizes the techniques needed to perform the installation, service, and repair of refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating systems. Students build an understanding of how HVACR systems work and then progress to troubleshooting and service. Coverage includes refrigerant handling and ductwork topics. The lab workbook contains 169 lab activities with step-by-step procedures and review questions to enhance student comprehension.
  • Information on the EPA Section 608 Technician Certification helps students earn refrigerant handling certification.
  • New content includes HC and HFO refrigerants, electronic expansion valves, ECM motors, digital/wireless thermostats, and mini-split systems.
  • A math chapter teaches the applied calculations used by technicians, providing students with real-life job skills.
  • Service chapters teach relevant procedures, such as soldering, brazing, wiring, various tubing/piping skills, recovery methods, evacuation and charging procedures, retrofitting options, and leak detection methods.
  • High quality illustrations and photos provide strong learning value to chapter content.