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Helical Piles: A Practical Guide to Design and Installation

Product Code/ISBN: 9780470404799

Helical piles have been transforming into something more common and frequently used ever since its adoption in the 2009 International Building Code.  This is an unbiased and universal view on the installation, design, and thought behind helical piles, piers, screw piles, and torque anchors.  This essential guide is completely compliant with the ICC-Evaluation Services, Inc, Acceptance Criteria for Helical Foundation Systems and Devices.  The book will go over the terminology, history, applications, technology, and basic features involved with helical piles. 


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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Basic Features
Early U.S. Patents
Period of Use
Modern Applications
Environmental Sustainability

2. Installation

General Procedures
Special Procedures
Installation Safety
Torque Measurement
Torque Calibrations
Field Inspection

3. Basic Geotechnics

Subsurface Exploration
Field Penetration Resistance
Soil Classification
Site Suitability
Shear Strength

4. Bearing Capacity

Helix Spacing
Individual Bearing Method
Cylindrical Shear Method
Limit State Analysis
Shaft Adhesion
LCPC Method
Pile Deflection
Simple Buckling
Advanced Buckling
Down Drag

5. Pullout Capacity

Theoretical Capacity
Minimum Embedment
Effect of Groudwater
Group Efficiency
Structural Capacity
Cyclic Loading

6. Capacity-to-Torque Ratio

Early Empirical Work
New Empirical Justification
Energy Model
Simple Shaft Friction Model
Other Theoretical Methods
Exploration with Helical Pile

7. Axial Load Testing

Loading Procedures
Interpretation of Results
Other Interpretations

8. Reliability and Sizing

Factor of Safety
Helix Sizing
Computer-Aided Sizing
Field Adjustments

9. Expansive Soil Resistance

Expansive Soils
Foundations on Expansive Soils
Active Zone
Pile Design
Early Refusal Condition

10. Lateral Load Resistance

Rigid Pile Analysis
Flexible Pile Analysis
Pile Groups
Effect of Helical Bearing Plates
Effect of Couplings
Lateral Load Tests
Empirical Results
Lateral Restraining Systems
Seismic Resistance

11. Corrosion and Life Expectancy

Corrosion Basics
Galvanic Corrosion
Zinc Coatings
Powder Coating
Design Life
Sacrificial Anodes
Special Topics

12. Foundation Systems

Basic Foundation Plan
Foundation Loads
Pile Cap Design
Manufactured Pile Caps
Bridges and Boardwalks
Concreteless Design
Lateral Bracing

13. Earth Retention Systems

Lateral Earth Pressure
Retaining Walls
Excavation Shoring
Timber Lagging
Helical Soil Nails
Grading and Drainage
Wall Repair

14. Underpinning Systems

Foundation Repair
Underpinning Brackets
Rotational Bracing
Floor Slab Support
Braced Excavations

15. Economics

Cost and Availability
Foundation Economics
Measurement and Payment

16. Proprietary Systems

Grouting Systems
Ground Anchors
Special Helix Shapes
Underpinning Systems
Enhanced Lateral Resistance
Composite Piles
Special Couplings
Future Development

17. Building Codes

IBC 2006
IBC 2009
Product Evaluation Reports
AC358 Criteria Development
New Evaluation Criteria
Forthcoming Codes

Appendix A: Common Symbols and Abbreviations

Appendix B: Summary of Prior Art

Appendix C: Load Tests Results

Appendix D: Nomenclature

Glossary of Terms