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HVAC Licensing Study Guide, Third Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781260116007

Having trouble passing the HVAC licensing exams? Can’t seem to understand the material, or need it presented in a different format? The HVAC Licensing Study Guide 3rd Edition is here to solve all of your problems. With over 800 correctly formatted practice questions to get you prepared for the exam, there is no way you can leave the test without feeling 100% confident you won’t have to take it again.

Other manuals help you just study for the test and be done with it. This manual will help you prepare and study for your career in the HVAC field. Complete with troubleshooting tips for those on-the-job problems and up-to-date with the latest code changes and addition you WILL NOT find a better book on the market to help prepare you for the HVAC exams. The questions are presented in a true/false or multiple choice fashion to help diversify your study habits and help you feel comfortable with the test. This must-have study guide covers everything from filters and air flow to humidification and dehumidification and much more in the newly revised 3rd edition. You won’t need any other study guides with this book by your side. Save yourself time and money and order your copy today!

Table of Contents




Part A – Heat

Heat Sources
Heating Systems
Boilers, Burners, and Burner Systems

Part B – Piping, Ductwork and Ventilation

Piping Systems
Ductwork Sizing

Part C – Air-Conditioning Equipment

Cooling and Distribution Systems

Part D – Refrigeration

Refrigeration Equipment and Process
Filters and Air Flow
Maintenance, Servicing, and Safety
Humidification Dehumidification, and Psychrometrics

Part E – Codes and Certifications

EPA-Refrigerant Reclaimers
Heating Circuits
Safety on the Job
Trade Associations and Codes
Troubleshooting and the Electrician


Decoding Words