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Managing Performance in Construction

Product Code/ISBN: 9780470171646

With so many books out there that provide theory on construction improvement and employee enlightenment, Managing Performance in Construction is a different breed of book because it helps you actually MANAGE the performance in your company.  Don’t waste another second, and definitely don’t start another project without grabbing a copy of this book!


Table of Contents

1. Indicators of an Industry in Transition

Interoperability Barriers are Breaking
Construction Becomes Sustainable
E-Construction Management
Linking up to Smart Construction Equipment
Highly Successful Engineering Managers
Chapter Review

2. Productivity in the Spotlight

Measuring National Productivity
Basic Relationships Effecting Productivity
Factors Related tot Process Productivity
Taxonomy of Work Time
Gauging Construction Process Efficiency
Identifying Critical Impact Factors
Chapter Review

3. Corner Stones of Efficient Site Operation

Loss and Revival of the Master-Builder
Planning the (Re-) Supply of the Construction Process
Top-Down Frameworks to Manage Projects
Bottom-Up Quantitative Planning
Synchronization of Processes in The Supply Chain
Chapter Review

4. Introduction to Simulation and its Use in Modeling Production Systems

Building Simulation Models
Chapter Review

5. A Case Study – Applying Simulation in Tunnel Construction

Project Background
Preparation Work – Understanding the Construction Process
Shaft Construction
Tunnel Construction
Developing the Simulation Model
Assumption and Input
Simulation Model
Run the Model and Derive Results
Analysis of the Operations
Chapter Review

6. Competencies that Drive the Company

Generic Work Competencies for the 21 Century
Managerial competences of Productive Organizations
Gaining Competence Through Learning and Training
Job-Oriented Training and Competence Development
Becoming a Learning Organization (LO)
Chapter Review

7. Productive in a Healthy and Safe Work Environment

Two Strains Press on the Health of a Productive Body
The Engine that Supports and Limits Human Work
Ergonomics in Construction
Modern Debilitating Disease: Job Stress
The Silent Epidemic: Workplace Harassment
Chapter Review

8. The Complexity of Human Motivation

Behavioral Aspects of the Human Mind
Intrinsic versus Extrinsic Motivation
Maslow’s Need Based Motivators
Vroom’s Expectancy Theory
Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory
Measuring Job Satisfaction
Job Enrichment
Chapter Review

9. Performance Factors of Leaders and Teams

Is a Manager also a leader?
Theories About Effective Leadership
Power and Problems of Teamwork
Basics About Creativity
Chapter Review

10. Communication – The Nerve System of Construction

Engineering Drawings – The Ancient Communication Media
Communication Strategies Employed by Organizations
Logistics of Project Information
Chapter Review
Key Terms and Terminologies

11. Performance Management

Historical Recount of Key Management Concepts
From measuring to Managing Performance
The Balanced Scorecard of a Corporation
Performance Management of Supply Chain
Performance Management at the Task Level
Chapter Review