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Modern Commercial Wiring 9th Ed Based on 2023 NEC

Product Code/ISBN: 9781685845933

Modern Commercial Wiring covers safety, tools, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and design, providing effective, student-friendly instruction regarding the complex wiring requirements associated with commercial installations. Updated to the current 2023 National Electrical Code® (NEC), the text provides many opportunities for learning, researching, and applying the code. Specialized areas, such as motor control, emergency power systems, hazardous locations, and pool and fountain installations, are included. Modern Residential Wiring and Modern Commercial Wiring provide a consistent approach, making them very compatible for a two-course sequence in electrical wiring and electrician programs.

  • Features clear, simple explanations and numerous photos and illustrations to engage students and enhance comprehension
  • Includes many NEC-related features, including NEC Code Alerts, Know the Code questions, illustrations of NEC tables, and Code-related Sample Problems, that help familiarize students with the National Electrical Code
  • Provides a strong emphasis on safety beginning with a safety chapter, plus safety notes and caution alerts throughout the text
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