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Modern Plumbing Ninth Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781645646686

Modern Plumbing provides students with an introduction to the tools, materials, systems, design, installation, and service needed for a career in plumbing. Students are supported in building an in-demand career with strong foundational knowledge, current technologies, and a knowledge of Codes. Learning tools to help today’s learners succeed include pedagogy designed for learning, applied math connections, workplace and career skills, safety, and hands-on activities.

  • Updated art and design showcase current technologies while engaging and supporting learning.
  • Plumbing code features reference International Residential Code and International Plumbing Code and prepare students to check local requirements when performing work in the field.

Hands-on skills are reinforced with step-by-step procedures in the textbook, and a Lab Workbook offers additional hands-on labs and learning reinforcement.