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National Electrical Code Analysis of Changes 2020

Product Code/ISBN: NEC20CHG

Get current with the latest changes to the 2020 NFPA 70®, National Electrical Code® (NEC®) — and make sure a change in the Code doesn’t take you by surprise!

This comprehensive illustrated book from the experts at IAEI and NFPA® is an all-in-one resource that highlights and explains revisions to residential, commercial, and industrial design and installation requirements, and includes significant changes to a variety of requirements for crucial electrical and life safety topics.

Four new articles that appear in the 2020 edition are:

Overvoltage Protection, Article 242; 

Medium Voltage Conductors and Cable, Article 311; 

Type P Cable, Article 337; 

General Requirements for Communications Systems, Article 800

This book provides you the latest information about GFCI protection, grounding conductors, lighting load calculations, surge protection and outdoor emergency disconnects for dwelling units, circuit current rating for switchboards, switchgear, and panelboards, grounding and bonding of HVAC equipment on rooftops, areas covered and not covered in health care facilities, manufactured buildings and relocatable structures, GFPE and GFCI protection at marinas, boatyards and docking facilities, splash pads, and much more.

Order the 2020 National Electrical Code® Analysis of Changes today, and feel confident that you have the essential source you need.