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National Electrical Code Tabs 2020

Product Code/ISBN: NECTAB20

Make your working life easier with NFPA®’s handy NEC Tabs. Using these color-coded helpers in your NEC Code or NEC Handbook will save you time and allow you to quickly flip open your book to the latest electrical safety information.

NEC Tabs highlight electrical topics by Code article and name, including 210 Branch Circuits, 8 GFCI Protection, 12 AFCI Protection, 215 Feeders, 220 Calculation, 240 Overcurrent Protection, 250 Grounding and Bonding, 310 Conductors, and much more, including 4 blank Tabs for your customized use.

(For use with NEC Softbound, Looseleaf, Spiral Bound, and the hardbound NEC Handbook.)