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Renewable Energy Technologies and Water Infrastructure

Product Code/ISBN: 9780784415856

Prepared by the Advancing Renewable Energy Technologies Committee of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE

Renewable Energy Technologies and Water Infrastructure provides readers with a critical review of policy, regulation, science, and engineering with respect to the development and application of renewable energy technologies to the effective operation of water infrastructure. Using effective energy policy and rulemaking, the US has successfully started incorporating renewables within statewide energy mixes. Practical applications and the latest developments surrounding the integration of renewable energy into existing water infrastructure are rapidly evolving and deserve far greater attention.

Detailed topics covered in this book include: renewable energy policy and regulatory requirements; micro-hydro power; biofuels; biogas-to-energy CHP; fuel cells for clean water; sustainable desalination; geothermal energy; solar and wind energy toward resilient water infrastructure; application of renewables for monitoring water quality; and proven renewable energy applications to water infrastructure.

This book will be a valuable resource for academics, scientists, engineers, policy makers, and other practitioners working on water infrastructure and the applications of current sustainability and resilience needs with respect to the water-energy nexus.