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Roof Framer's Bible

Product Code/ISBN: 9780964335431

Here you'll find 68 different pitch combinations of "bastard" hip roofs at your fingertips. Don't curse the architect -- let this book make you an accomplished master of irregular pitched roof systems. You'll be the envy of your crew, and irregular or "bastard" roofs will be under your command.

This rare pocket-sized book comes hardbound with a cloth marker like a true bible. With this manual you aren't restricted to rafter lengths and pitches listed in those rafter tables that roof cutters have struggled with for years.

Instead, the author explains how to use an inexpensive hand-held calculator to figure any common, hip, valley or jack rafter in seconds -- including rafters on irregular roofs and rafter pitches that aren't in any rafter table.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to Roof Framing
  • Using the Tables on Gable Roof
  • Using the tables on Regular Hip Roof
  • Fascia Cuts for Square Cut Rafter Trails
  • Introduction to Irregular or "Bastard" Hip Roof
  • Using the Tables on Irregular Hip Roof
  • Rafter Tables for Regular Equal Pitch Roofs
  • Rafter Tables for Regular Hip Roofs
  • Rafter Tables for Polygon Roofs
  • Drawing an Ellipse
  • Finding the Radius of an Arch
  • Framing a Roof with a Non-Centered Ridge
  • Universal Formulas and Helpful Math
  • Basic Trigonometry Appendix

With the tips and techniques in this little book, you'll be able to become a master roof cutter in no time!