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Significant Changes to the International Plumbing Code/International Mechanical Code/International Fuel Gas Code 2018 Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 7202S18

The 2018 International Code series has arrived with brand-new, revised editions of the most widely used uniform code in the world.  With the new code there come various different changes and additions.  Keep yourself informed and updated on these new code changes with Significant Changes to the International Plumbing Code/Mechanical Code/Fuel Gas Code 2018.  In this must-have manual you will be guided through all of the new changes and editions that the 2018 code brings.  But your learning doesn’t stop there.  What makes the Significant Changes to the International Plumbing Code/Mechanical Code/Fuel Gas Code 2018 so important and vital to your understanding of the code is that every code included comes with an explanation of the changes made and why they were made.  Make real-world applications with why the code was changed, and how you can apply that change to your job field.  Each code comes complete with a full analysis on the changes made and includes key insights into why the change was made and what else is affected.  Each code also comes with a photograph which furthers and enhances your understanding of the changes being made. 


If you work with and frequently use the International Plumbing Code, International Mechanical Code, or the International Fuel Gas Code than this manual is something you need.  Code changes are incredibly important to understand, especially when it comes to compliance to avoid fines or keeping your company and customers safe.  Don’t start another project without picking up a copy of this essential toolbox of information.  Grab yours today!


About the International Code series:  The International Code Council has the responsibility to create a uniform code that can be used across the world.  Every three years they come out with new revisions, which also include different tiles in the Significant Changes series.  Check out Significant Changes to the International Building Code, Residential Code, Fire Code, or Changes to the ICC A117.1 Accessibility Standard 2017.