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Solar Energy for the Evil Genius

Product Code/ISBN: 9780071477727

Follow the Sun to More Evil Fun!

In Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius, high-tech guru Gavin Harper gives you everything you need to build more than 50 thrilling solar energy projects. You'll find complete, easy-to-follow plans, with clear diagrams and schematics, so you know exactly what's involved before you begin.


  • Illustrated instructions and plans for 30 amazing pretested solar energy projects that assume no prior experience with energy science
  • Explanations of the science and math behind each project
  • Projects that progress in difficulty -- from simple ones that may inspire science fair entries -- all the way to converting a real home to solar energy
  • Frustration-factor removal-needed parts are listed, along with sources-plus all the tools you'll need

Solar Energy Projects for the Evil Genius provides you with complete plans, instructions, parts lists, and sources for each project. This book provides the fundamentals of working with solar energy to the extent that you can build the projects included in the book. The projects range from simple science fair type projects to converting a home to run on solar electricity.

This book follows the pattern of the other books in the series. There is a short section describing the theory of operation of each project followed by schematics, parts lists, and detailed instructions. All of the projects are the size of table-tops, but they can be enlarged to scale if needed.