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The Electricians Reference Book

Product Code/ISBN: 9780945495451

Having over 64 years in the electrical trade as an apprentice, journeyman, master, inspector, instructor of over 20,000 electricians, during this journey Tom Henry has designed the “Exact K” formula for voltage drop calculations, the “step-by-step book tabs” for service sizing, “the household cooking equipment demand format,” the “delta-wye transformer 4 step formula,” the “6-step motor formula,” the “unequal parallel solution with a calculator,” etc. to make electrical calculations easier for the electrician.

Tom Henry has decided to write this reference book for an electrician to use on the job. Tom asked his son Tim to help provide answers to the on-the-job daily questions. This electrical reference book is the best reference book an electrician could ever possibly have, as it was “written by an electrician for an electrician.”

 Now you will have a reference book to put in your pocket that will explain whether the receptacle grounding pin is installed “up” or “down.” The minimum height of a paddle fan, the location of smoke detectors, exit and emergency lights, rules for the drilling and notching of studs, rafters and joists, when to pigtail a receptacle wire, depth of conduit in a concrete slab. Plus you’ll have all the conduit, box fill, voltage drop, motors, transformer, wire sizing tables, conduit bending charts, burial depths, service conductor heights, etc.