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Transformer Principles and Applications

Product Code/ISBN: 1604

Transformer Principles and Applications provides a comprehensive overview of transformer operation, maintenance, installation, and troubleshooting. This full-color textbook begins with a thorough discussion of magnets, magnetism, and electromagnetism and explains how these apply to transformer operation.

Subsequent chapters include the latest information on how transformers are used to reduce the harmful effects of harmonics and how reactors and isolation transformers are used to improve the power quality available to electronic equipment. This textbook is designed to help the learner understand both fundamental and advanced concepts.

Transformer Principles and Applications presents correct safety procedures in compliance with the National Electrical Code and NFPA 70E. It can be used in a classroom learning situation, as a self-study textbook, or as a reference book on advanced transformer wiring connections and applications.

A CD-ROM is included with Transformer Principles and Applications and contains information to supplement the textbook.