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Ugly's Electrical References, 2023 Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781284275919

Ugly’s Electrical References, 2023 Edition is the gold standard on-the-job reference tool of choice for electrical industry professionals. Offering the most pertinent, up-to-date information used by electricians, including: updated NEC code and table change information, mathematical formulas, NEMA wiring configurations, conduit bending guide, ampacity and conduit fill information, transformer and control circuit wiring diagrams, and conversion tables. New Features of this Edition: • Updated to reflect changes to the 2023 National Electrical Code (NEC) • Expanded coverage of the following topics: -Full-load currents for 3-phase transformers; -Maximum number of conductors in electrical metallic tubing for trade sizes 5 and 6; -Equipment grounding conductors; -General lighting loads for non-dwelling occupancies.