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Welding Fundamentals 6th Ed. Workbook

Product Code/ISBN: 9781645646945
Welding Fundamentals is designed to provide students with a strong understanding of the underlying theory and skills required for successful welding, with a strong emphasis on safety. It provides all of the information needed to help students develop proficiency with the most common welding processes (including SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, and oxyfuel welding), thermal cutting, welding symbols and basic print reading, and joint design and fit up.

The Lab Workbook combines review activities and practical applications that relate to the content of the textbook chapters. Questions in the Lab Workbook Chapter Reviews are designed to reinforce the textbook content, and help students review their understanding of the terms, concepts, theories, and procedures presented in each chapter. Hands-on Assigned Jobs provide an opportunity to apply and extend knowledge gained from the textbook chapters. The Assigned Jobs are designed to be completed in the welding lab with instructor guidance and supervision.