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Welding Print Reading 8th Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781685845728

Welding Print Reading is a write-in text that teaches the welding symbols and specifications students need to understand to be successful. Logically organized with good graphics and charts, the format allows students to apply their knowledge to skill-based print reading activities. In addition to aspiring welders who want to learn to interpret prints and drawings, the content is appropriate for students wanting to pursue careers in engineering and drafting. The text starts by reviewing the basics, including welding processes, and then progresses to more specialized topics, such as prints for pipe welding and brazed joints. Real industry prints in the units, plus additional prints and questions at the end of the text, provide students with more practice opportunities.

  • Uses example prints, illustrations, symbols, and notations throughout each unit to reinforce the topics.
  • Exposes students to actual industry prints that may contain variation, preparing students for on-the-job experiences
  • Now includes new information on 3D modeling and the use of cobots in the welding field.