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Industrial Maintenance 4th Ed.

Product Code/ISBN: 9780826936868

Real-world maintenance problems and solutions are depicted throughout Industrial Maintenance and Troubleshooting. The book includes, among other things, equipment operation principles, maintenance management procedures, and troubleshooting scenarios for common systems. A trusted book for maintenance technicians, this edition has been extensively revised with expanded coverage of troubleshooting techniques and applications, and includes a new chapter on essential printreading skills; additional system-specific printreading symbols and format information; a new chapter on improving energy efficiency and sustainability; additional preventive maintenance and troubleshooting content; and consists of twelve chapters divided into 82 sections, to maximize instructional flexibility.

This book delves into areas critical for success as a maintenance technician, and provides current and accurate information on the following subjects:

  • maintenance and troubleshooting principles
  • workplace safety
  • printreading
  • service and repair principles
  • mechanical drives
  • electrical systems
  • electronic systems
  • refrigeration systems
  • boiler systems
  • hvac systems
  • fluid power systems
  • efficiency and sustainability

As plant equipment and operations become more complicated, maintenance technicians are required to have troubleshooting skills and a broad working knowledge. This book provides fundamental maintenance information, progressing to topics such as predictive maintenance, safety, indoor air quality and test instruments, and includes over 600 illustrations.